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WOMADE Community

For years, the world has always considered men to be stronger than women, whether in power relations, mentally, at work, ...

In the work world, men have always dominated the managerial or entrepreneurial position, which eventually made its impact and pushed women to want to stand out. The problem is that men have unintentionally created a kind of competition between one another, which has therefore widened a certain gap.

After the Second World War, women started to consider this gap and said that instead of shooting each other and competing with each other, why not unite and join forces.

Ever since, March 8th became one of the most important dates internationally, allowing women to become independent and to fight for these rights and against gender inequality.

It is from this moment that the word "sorority" takes on its full meaning. This solidarity was created among women to prove that they were capable of uniting and bringing things to each other.

Since the end of 2010, coworking spaces began to emerge and especially spaces reserved for women entrepreneurs & freelance. Female coworking has been spreading all over the world and members of this space are now looking for and want to be part of a community that understands them, looks like them and brings them together.

Prior to being a female community, all these women represent a group of people who have the same needs and are looking for the same values, who are there to help others, who want to connect with others and are happy to share their ideas and opinions.

Being part of this community of women, in a common space, requires respect and common values. Connecting, respecting and sharing are three essential things to ensure harmony and caring within these shared spaces. This is what we call a safe space.

WOMADE is based and created from these important values. Indeed, WOMADE opens its doors to all women entrepreneurs who wish to develop and create meaningful relationships with one another. The question that arises here is: "How can an all female coworking space be beneficial? ».

The first thing to know is that this kind of safe space allows to really understand what the word sorority means and to experience the female solidarity, and realize its power. Secondly, a safe space allows women to talk "the same language" and about what they want without judgment or fear. Finally, the space allows all these women entrepreneurs to share their project and struggles, to understand they're not alone, and eventually build and grow together.

As community and sisterhood are core values at WOMADE, we wanted to highlight our members, inspiring & ambitious women that participate every day in the evolution of our safe space!

" These women are all different in their singularity, but deep down they are all looking for one common thing, a sense of sisterhood "


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