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We've taken some time to fill you in on the most commonly asked questions about WOMADE. From printer space to call policy to how many handmade clouds we have floating in the office (ok, that's not one of the questions, but the answer is one). 

If you can't find what you're looking for,

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  • Can I invite clients to the office?
    Of course. When you need to have someone come in, just book the meeting room in advance and off you go.
  • Can I have my mail sent to the office?
    Yes! You can use our address as the postal address on your website, in your email signature and for the delivery of your ASOS parcels. Good to know: You cannot register at the Chamber of Commerce with our address, just contact us to know the fees.
  • Do you have printers available?
    Printing is possible, but with a fair-use policy. Small items, like your packing slips, invoices or contracts can be printed at the office. But for that full-colour lookbook, you'd should probably check out a copy shop.
  • When can I get started?
    You can start the moment your contract starts. Woohoo! It's basically whenevery suits you best and we agree upon in your contract. This can be at the beginning of the month, or halfway through the month, or whatever date we agreed to.
  • When am I invoiced for the membership?
    You will receive an invoice for your membership on the 20th of each month, payable by the last day of the month.
  • Can I collaborate with other members?
    We hope you do! Our goal is to bring you together with other enterprising women. Need help with a certain project? Chances are that one of the other members can help you out. As a member you also get access to our exclusive community club. In this group, you'll find an extensive overview of all our members and their expertise. With one click, you can contact them.
  • What is the policy on office calls?
    You're more than welcome to have call at our offices. It's a vital part of entreprenuing. All we ask is that, out of respect for your fellow coworkers, if you are having a long call or are sharing confidential information that you make a reservation for the meeting room in advance of the call.
  • How do I stay informed of all activities at the office?
    If you rent a workspace, you will receive a monthly overview of all meetings, drinks and other happenings in your mailbox. In addition, you will receive exclusive access to our online community club, where you can see exactly which events are taking place and who is renting a workspace.
  • Can I keep my lunch and snacks somewhere?
    Yes, we give you your own box in which you can store your snacks and, of course, there is a shared fridge for all members.
  • Do you have a special pregnancy arrangement?
    We do, indeed! You can freeze your subscription when you take leave during your pregnancy. So you can take the time and prepare yourself and WOMADE will be waiting to welcome you back.
  • Are there childcare services available?
    This is a great question. At WOMADE, we've decided to hold back on offering this service. Women and men both need time and spaces dedicated to taking care of their professional lives. While the burden is currently resting more on the mother's shoulders, we still need a space where we can take off the mom shoes and put on the businesswoman ones. We want to be a relaxed office space where you can come and focus on you and your business.
  • How is the office handling the Covid situation?
    We're still open and doing what we can. To find out more about the specific actions we're taking, take a look at our Covid Protocol.

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