Our community is full of talented entrepreneurs. Their businesses push past traditional roles and we want to give them a place to shine. 


Take a minute to discover our tribe of kicka** women and their businesses.



Meet our Members

Alba Pregja

Founder of WOMADE

Camille Bataillon

Clinical Sexologist & Co-Founder of the Love Health Center

Charlotte Liénard

Founder of NUDO

Dr Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

Sustainability Expert & Founder of Trianon Scientific Communication

Fiona Beenkens

Wellbeing Architect & Founder of BetterAtHome

Katia Mahieu

Communication Specialist & Founder of Kat's Eyes

Marie-Amélie Ormières

Activist of change - holistic coach - founder of MAO

Nhu Truong

Freelancer Web Developer

Sarah Lokman

Risk and Sustainability Partner

Stéphanie Vandemoortele

Efficiency Booster

Apolline De Coster

Human Resources Management Advisor/Specialist

Carla Goldberg

Entrepreneur & copywriter

Chloé De Bon

Documentary Director of "Flower of Life" & Founder of the Association FEMMESProd

Erica Houtreille

Social Media Manager, Content Creator & Consultan

Hélène Nicodème

Architect, Consultant & Illustrator

Lou Ignace

Coach & Founder of Kiss The Difference

Mary Peterson

Business Strategist & Freelance Writer

Sarah Diedro Jordao

Communications Strategist & Anti-Discrimination Workshop Provider

Sophie Boulanger

Founder of OKUN

Tabata Vossen

Product Marketing & E-Learning Specialist

Aurélie Raigné

Travel Blogger

Charlotte Champagne

Jurist, Mediator and Podcaster

Céline Bilquin

Founder of Bilpaper

Eva Dymkina

Interior & Product Designer, Founder of EDStudio

Justine Guerriat


Maire Van Der Hauwaert

Pharmacist & co-founder of Kahani

Michele d'Herde

Marketing Communication Expert

Sarah Kalman

Interior & Product Designer & Founder of Kalman Interiors

Stéphanie Gailly

Digital Marketeer

Witantoua Varsia Kovana

Teacher and founder of Sahelian Soul

At WOMADE, we are building a safe community. One where we can make meaningful connections.

Where we can build our businesses.

Where we can learn together.

Where we can grow together.

Join our community of inspiring and talented women.

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