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How to Set Achievable Goals and Make Your Dreams a Reality

Alba Pregja, founder of WOMADE and We Rise
Alba Pregja @ WOMADE - pic by Soade Studio

Setting goals is the first step towards turning your dreams into reality.

Whether you're aiming for personal growth, professional success, or a combination of both, a well-defined roadmap is key to staying focused and motivated. In this blog post, my aim is to guide you through my personal process to set goals that align with your values, are actionable, and set you up for success.

1. Establish Your Values & Needs:

Understanding your core values and recognizing your needs is the foundation for goal-setting. Take a moment to reflect on what truly matters to you. What are your non-negotiables? What aspects of your life bring you the most fulfillment?


  • Values: Integrity, Health, Learning, Creativity

  • Needs: Work-life balance, Financial stability, Personal growth

2. Brainstorm Vision for Next Year:

Picture where you want to be a year from now. Envision your personal and professional life. What does success look like for you? Allow your imagination to run wild during this brainstorming session.


  • Vision: Running a successful online business, completing a certification in a chosen field, achieving a healthy work-life balance.

3. Identify the Top 6 Goals from Brainstorming List:

From your brainstorming session, pick out the top six goals that resonate with you the most. These should be the ones that excite and challenge you, aligning closely with your envisioned future.


  • Launch an e-commerce website

  • Complete XYZ certification

  • Exercise regularly for better health

  • Attend a weekly creative writing class

  • Save $5,000 in an emergency fund

  • Spend quality time with family every weekend

4. Narrow Your Goals to Choose the Top 3:

Evaluate your top six goals in the context of your values and needs. Which ones align most closely with your core beliefs? Choose the top three that not only excite you but also contribute positively to your life.


  • a. Launch an e-commerce website

  • b. Complete XYZ certification

  • c. Exercise regularly for better health

5. Write SMART Goals:

Make your goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Clearly define what success looks like for each goal, set measurable milestones, and establish a realistic timeline.


  • Launch an e-commerce website by June 30, 2023, generating $1,000 in monthly revenue.

  • Complete XYZ certification within six months with a final exam score of 90%.

  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes, five days a week, and run a 5k by the end of the year.

6. Identify Possible Obstacles:

Anticipate potential challenges that might arise during your journey. Identifying obstacles in advance allows you to develop strategies to overcome them, increasing your chances of success.


  • Limited technical skills for website development - what can you do/who can you contact to help you ?

  • Balancing certification study with work and personal commitments - how & what can you find a balance?

  • Overcoming initial resistance to regular exercise - how can you overcome it?

7. Write Your Why:

For each goal, articulate your "why." Understanding the deeper reasons behind your aspirations provides motivation during tough times. Your "why" becomes your anchor, keeping you focused on the bigger picture.


  • Launching the e-commerce site will provide financial freedom and allow for creative expression.

  • Completing the certification opens up new career opportunities and enhances expertise.

  • Regular exercise contributes to overall well-being and sets a positive example for family.

8. Identify Needed Resources:

Determine the resources required to achieve your goals. This could include time, money, skills, or support from others. Being aware of your resource needs helps you plan effectively.


  • Online tutorials, web development tools, financial investment

  • Study materials, online courses, mentorship

  • Gym membership, running shoes, fitness app

9. Ask for Help, Advice, Support:

Don't hesitate to seek assistance. Whether it's advice from mentors, support from friends, or collaboration with colleagues, involving others in your journey can provide valuable insights and encouragement.


  • Seek advice from experienced entrepreneurs or hire a web developer.

  • Join study groups or seek guidance from professionals in the chosen field.

  • Exercise with a friend or hire a personal trainer for support.

10. Write Action Steps:

Break down each goal into actionable steps. Keep breaking these steps down until they are as simple as possible. This makes the process less overwhelming and helps you stay on track.


  • Research e-commerce platforms (Week 1)

  • Enroll in certification course (Week 2)

  • Create a weekly exercise schedule (Week 3)

11. Assign Due Dates:

Schedule each action step in your agenda. If it's not in your calendar, it doesn't exist. Assigning due dates creates a sense of urgency and accountability, ensuring steady progress towards your goals.


  • Research completed by January 15

  • Certification enrollment by February 1

  • Weekly exercise schedule finalized by January 10

By following these steps, you're not just setting goals – you're creating a roadmap to success.

For those who don't want to it alone, I feel you! I've been there...and this is why I've launched something I wished I had at the time: the We Rise Academy! What is it? A 9 weeks accelerator program, with max 15 other bada** women, ready to bring their project into the next level! The program is a mix of business and mindset milestones, a community to never walk alone, and a mentoring program.

Remember, the journey may have its challenges, but with a clear plan, a strong sense of purpose, and a commitment to your values, you'll be well on your way to achieving your dreams.

Get ready to turn your aspirations into achievements!

Wishing you a lot of success and a fulfilling 2024!

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Alba Pregja is the founder of WOMADE and We Rise.

WOMADE is a women focused community and inspiring work place, located in the heart of Brussels, and designed for women solopreneurs.

We Rise is a women focused business club that offers not only a thriving community but also tools too grow and connect, among which, the Academy: an 9-weeks accelerator program launching on March 2024.


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