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WoMade's advent calendar 2023

You might have seen it on Instagram, this year, we've proposed 20 great presents ideas for the winter holidays gifts.

Whether it's for you, or for your loved ones, our propositions, coming directly from the WoMade members, are original presents to put under the tree. 🎄

WoMade is all about sharing, and caring, and we know sometimes it can be hard to find original & local ideas for the holidays. ✨

So this is our gift, to you 💙

All our Christmas gifts ideas ⤵️

1. WoMade's Christmas giveaway 🧜‍♀️ :

We've started the calendar with more than just an idea, but with an actual gift.

5 coworking days at the best cowork in town... WOMADE ! Go on our Instagram page and try your luck until December 21st midnight. ☘️

2. Justine's photography workshop 📸 :

The first proposition we had for you, was a photography workshop with our WoMade, Justine.

It can be a gift for yourself, a friend, or even sharing the experience together !

Her group workshop is made for passionate, or for professionals willing to ameliorate their digital communication. And her private workshops are customized, just for you.

Check all her offers on her website : Justine Guerriat

3. Federica's romantic illustrations 🩷 :

Put some good vibes under the tree !

Illustrator Federica loves to design feel good illustrations. Her colorful and romantic work is the perfect gift to stay in a relaxed and peaceful mood all year long.

2 of her illustrations are for sale at the Opifex gallery : Federica Fabian at the Opifex Gallery

4. Katia's colorful home deco 🏺:

Pimp your home with colorful, original, and local produced decoration.

Katia's brand KAHU home is as joyful as her, and offers an elegant blend of Afro prints and modernity. Dare to be different, and audacious with Katia's designs that you can even personalize by choosing your prefered colors, textures, and patterns.

Katia's collection is ending (to make room for her new one, coming in 2024 😉 ), and all the pieces are very limited.

Her e-shop is full of beautiful gifts, and benefit a promotion if you subscribe to her newsletter : KAHU HOME

5. Ophélie's style advices 🪞 :

Ever wondered why some clothes don't make you feel like yourself?

Treat yourself, and learn self love in a new way with an image consultant. For an afternoon, in person or online, explore yourself and your style with WOMADE member Ophélie.

Discover all the services Ophélie proposes, including the new one she just started : "Mon espace confidence" : Le Reflet Conseil

6. Carolane's healthy Christmas desserts recipes 🧁 :

We know it, the holidays are a great excuse to eat a little too much, and sometimes at the expense of our health.

Thankfully, Carolane's Instagram and YouTube channel are full of seasonal, tasty, healthy recipes ideas.

Her personal recommendation ? 5 homemade desserts 🍰

Check her full Instagram, and YouTube channel to discover all of her recipes : Caronola

7. Angelica's healing tattoos 🍃 :

Tattoos are a way to reappropriate and empower your own body - specially when you have a safe space to share your ideas and be fully present in this creative process.

Angelica’s tattooing is a therapeutic experience. Her passion and believes are visible in her work, who wouldn’t have that for something as permanent?

Her 2024 agenda is open for your projects, at her newly opened YBY studio : Pensée Sauvage

8. Delphine's iPhone photography workshop 🤳 :

Ever wished to be able to take great pictures, with only your iPhone?

Well, our WoMade Delphine, professional photographer, can give you all the tips to capture memories like a pro.

Her workshop teaches you all you need to know to use your phone like a real camera.

Take a look at her workshop program, and agenda for next year : Soade Studio

9. Alba's vision board workshop 🎯 :

Do you feel like starting 2024 with clear goals?

Get inspired in a brainstorming session, here at WoMade, with founder Alba.

During this masterclass and vision board workshop, you’ll hear her story telling about her journey creating WOMADE. And will create your vision board for next year.

A few spots left for the last workshop of the year : We Rise

10. Carla's copywriter service ✍️ :

Treat yourself or your fellow entrepreneurs to what we're all missing: time.

With Carla, our copywriter, finding the perfect words to tell your business' story, you gain the freedom to focus on the essential without the hassle.

Let Carla tell your story, help you build a communication strategy, or even create your website : C-Comm

11. Sandrine's concert in her art gallery in her house 🎤 :

Have you ever dreamed of going to an art gallery, but in the comfort of your home?

Sandrine did, and that’s actually why she created an art gallery, in her living room. On Sunday 10th, she went further, and had a concert, in her art gallery, at home !

Take a look at her current expo “Carré Capital”, and stay in touch with her other expos by subscribing to her newsletter : The Palm Beach Art Gallery

12. Coco's boost coaching 🌟 :

Don’t we all need a little boost sometimes?

WoMade member Coco knows it all too well. That’s why she proposes to help you manage your time, your work, and get organized for the year to come ! Whether you need a little boost, or a big one, Coco has your back.

Discover her offers, and book your boost session on her website : Boosteke

13. Elisabeth's oysters recommendation 🦪 :

The holiday season often rhymes with good food, good meals, and the finest products !

So for today, Elisabeth wanted to share her long expertise about oysters, to recommend you the best place to eat and buy some in Brussels : @maguie_bxl

Those oysters coming from an oyster-farm in Normandie are well known by Elisabeth, who works directly with the farmers.

Discover Elisabeth’s high gastronomy marketing service, and the story behind that choice :

14. Stephanie's web design multi-services 👩🏻‍💻 :

Having a good project is great, but having a website representing it well is essential, so sometimes the best choice you can make, is ask an expert. Stéphanie offers multiple services to make your life a little bit easier, and to represent your project perfectly

She’s now working on something new... that’s going to be ready very very soon ! So stay tuned

Stephanie’s whole catalogue of services to reveal the heart and soul of your project is available on her website : Stéphanie Gailly

15. Sarah's writing workshops 📝 :

Have you already tried the powerful tool of writing?

Dive into Sarah’s colorful, creative and warm world, where she’ll accompany and support you for an inspiring writing session. Starting in January.

Get to know Sarah’s joyful and artistic energy on Instagram, and in her podcast : C’est la vie

16. Fatima's Uber for kids service 🚕 :

Most of the moms can relate... But when you have kids, you kind of become a taxi driver, on top of all of the other things...

That’s why our member Fatima created a private driving service, for your kids. Driven by trustworthy, and carefully chosen people, your kids and yourself, won’t miss anymore appointements.

Learn more about Fatima's mission, and discover her service : KidsRide

17. Julie's web design service 👩🏼‍💻 :

Your website is the window of your business, and of yourself.

Talking about your project to a person who’ll be able to transfer your values, and your personality to your website, is a step further to developing a unique project, that truly looks like you.

Julie and her creative mind is the perfect person to make you shine on the web. Julie’s 2024 agenda is open for your projects : Julie Hublet

18. Gersende's tool to know yourself better 🪞:

Knowing yourself in your personal life or business is the best gift you can make to you, from you.

With a bit of help, and her beautiful tool : The Human Design, passionate WoMade Gersende, will help you discover a new side of you.

Learn more about the human design, or find your professional path with her help : Cowake up

19. Sabrina's mentoring Programm 🫱🏼‍🫲🏾:

You can find a match in a lot of different aspects in life. With Sabrina, find your mentor match!

Her online platform is made for you to find a professional mentor in the sector that you want.

And if you are in a gift giving mood, what about becoming a mentor?

All infos about her mentoring program on Instagram, and on her website : Build a Bridge

20. Eleonore's Deco Coaching service 🏡 :

Home sweet home... Right?

Why not gift yourself, and the people you are living with, with a professional Deco Coaching by Eleonore? Book a 2 hours online meeting, and get an expertise on your home project!

Eleonore’s Deco Coaching, and all of her other services on her Instagram, and website : Alouane

21. WOMADE'S giveaway winner 🏅 :

The participants waited long enough, we finally announced the winner of WOMADE’s Christmas giveaway : 5 free coworking days at WOMADE

Thank you for this beautiful year with us 💙

See you in 2024 🥳

Written by Louise Nollet, Communication & Community Manager at WoMade


WOMADE is a women focused community & coworking space in Brussels — follow us on Instagram

We Rise is an Academy focusing on empowering woman entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to succeed and reach their goals. — follow us on Instagram

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