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What each piece at WOMADE means...

To paraphrase Shakespeare, What's in a name? A rose by any other name smell as sweet. That's super true, William, but I think there can be a lot more in a name than just a sensation.

We named our rooms to connect us to larger truths. To the inescapable power of Nature. The forces that shape us and give us strength.

So let us introduce the elements of WOMADE✨...

🌿 "Feeling Grounded", our space for reflection and calm. 🧘🏼‍♀️ The soft greens and golden rays in this room put the soul at ease. Bonus: it's connected to the Kitchen (Room name: Feeling Hungry).

💧"Venus by the Water", was created by the very talented @_florencegeens_, who splashed the walls with a scene of deep blue and gold. Turbulent yet soft like rushing waters. It's a room of creation and molding ideas.

🔥Tucked away behind the water room is the "Room on Fire", our podcast studio filled with ideas and energy. Womxn's ideas are in full bloom here, ready to burn up barriers.

☁️ Floating in the front room, overlooking De Brouckere plaza, is the cloud giving it's name to our largest workspace, "Sky's the Limit". This room has high ceilings for you grandiose ideas. At WOMADE, we're always going to encourage you to dream big and then dream bigger.


👋Want to experience our ecosystem?

You're always welcome to visit us whenever you want. Just book your visit at WOMADE


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