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We Rise By Lifting Others

At WOMADE we know that women with a female network are more successful, and that's precisely why we've created a safe space and built a strong community that does just that!⁠⁠

Our ambition is to allow women entrepreneurs to meet each other, to help each other, to exchange ideas in a friendly atmosphere, but also to improve their skills on all subjects related to entrepreneurship.

In short, to give you all the keys to help you succeed in your entrepreneurial projects & journey!

Why should you join the WOMADE Community?

At WOMADE you can share your vision, receive feedback, get support, extend your network,

scout a potential business partner, and take your projects to the next level and thrive!

But here are, the three main reasons to join us:

  1. To never feel alone in your daily life as an entrepreneur;

  2. To invest on yourself & develop your project/business through monthly events;

  3. To create great synergies with (future) clients, providers, partners, suppliers, and maybe even friends!

Becoming a WOMADE.Community Member is:

✓ Being part of a community driven by the same values, inclusive and caring;

✓ Accessing the Community Club, an online space for members only, for exchanges and mutual help 24/7as well as access to valuable resources and content;

✓ Your portrait/page on our online directory. Publicly accessible and visible on search engines, a real plus for your referencing;

✓ Growing professionally, and expanding your network through monthly networking events, business breakfasts, interviews, talks & panel discussions with;

✓ Discounted member's prices for renting WOMADE as a venue for your private events, workshops & photo shootings;

✓ Accessing to work opportunities & partnerships;

✓ Joining a group of female entrepreneurs, ready to exchange, listen advise, share, and thrive with other ambitious women;

Ready to join us?

Take your ideas, projects & business to the next level:

  • The Networker — €15 per month

  • The Founder — €33 per month (or get 2 free months for €333 per year)

Go to & apply now to join a community of passionate women ready to lift you up!

Have questions?

Just drop us an email at & we'll answer within 48h.

WOMADE Community


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