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MeWE, a podcast of empowering stories to inspire ambitious women

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

At WOMADE we believe in diversity, inclusion and empowerment of women. That is why we decided to launch a podcast called MeWe, to feature women entrepreneurs who have ideas and solutions for the new world we want to live in.

One of them is Marie-Amélie Ormières, alias MAO, who is a Holistic Coach & Therapist working with individuals and impact-driven organisations to support them in their life and professional transitions.

From being an intrapreneur in sustainable cocoa projects to an entrepreneur in empowerment and healing, she has gone through a process of self-reconnection and self-leadership that she now shares with the WOMADE community and her clients.

In the first episode of MeWe we are going to talk about “reason for being” or “purpose”, on how to find the most legitimate seat for you to contribute in the world.

The world we live in

We currently live in a tremendous period of change, where there are lots of ruptures from what we have known so far.

Our society live today 5 major challenges:

  • technological, with the digital world, changing our way to work, to interact

  • resources and socio economic model, with less and less resources in our planet while our needs continue to grow, pushing people to review the way the consume and lots of entrepreneur to invent new offers, new solutions

  • organisational model and collective projects, with the development of more flat, interdependent and human-driven companies and living systems where we seek for collective success rather than individual accomplishment

  • spirituality and meaning, with more and more people questioning their life direction and where they should/could/would spend their time, energy and money.

Beside the fact that it could be uneasy and tiring not to know where we go, or to be forced to change, it’s also a junction for our society where things could be revisited and possibilities are endless.

Individual reason for being

Overall, humans have always looked for meaningful directions linked to the developmental stages, age and eventual life crisis people live. Nowadays it happens more and more early in life and the search for rightful alignment is strong.

To support these explorations there are many approaches and tools to step back and reflect on your reason for being, as human. And it does not need to be an activity as we tend too much to define people by their profession. Shall we explore at a higher level who we are?

If there would be one thing to remember I would say it’s “what is alive within us” lively, vivid, bringing sparks, impetus and filling your heart. It expresses your energy, your dynamic and your talents. It could be a sentence, with verbs, that nobody understands but that moves you.

The reason for being is something that is changing with age. It’s your big why and the specific way of acting, what is making that it’s your uniqueness. You build it with time (no pressure) and patience.

From Ikigai to leadership

One framework to support these considerations is the Ikigaï philosophy, that stands for Iki - “to live” and Gaï - “reason”. This approach seeks to reconcile personal fulfillment, professional motivation and values while making a living out of it. It’s a balance between

The different bubbles help to question the different areas of your life and make evolutions to find balance, joy.

The famous “Start with Why” from Simon Sinek is another way of exploring as well as the logical levels from Robert Dilts in NLP coaching (Neurolinguistic Programmation). The combination of different questions help to clarify the path:

  • Your why - your vision and ambition for the world - your dream (i.e I dream of a world with more fairness, more harmony, more love, more freedom)

  • Your how - your life mission (i.e Developing educational programs to

  • Your what - your role, what is visible (i.e teacher, coach, entrepreneur )

Having that in mind enables us to make informed choices and stand for yourself with greater authenticity, boldness and courage such as inspiring leaders.

Supporting your quest

Based on different conversations with people on the way to their life purpose we would highlight few tips to put things into perspective

  • there is no need to have a reason for being to be happy and take action

  • actually you can combine different life missions feeding the same why #multipotential

  • there is space for everyone and that no one is the same as the neighbour.

  • it takes time to explore and it’s good to pause sometimes and come back to it

  • It takes courage to look at ourselves with benevolence because between what I would like to be, what I think I am and what I really am, there are gaps and blind spots. Interiority and deprogrammations of limiting beliefs are needed.

  • On top of exploring it with personality tests, talent reviews and inspiring conversations, choose non-mental experiences via your body or creativity work to connect with your guts and intuition and allow yourself to dream big

If you believe it’s the right moment to start this process and that you would like to be surrounded by like-minded people, we propose you to download the free ebook on the welcome page of website of MAO and join the “Perspective” workshop that will start early September for people in life transition.


WOMADE is an all-female community & coworking space in Brussels — follow us on Instagram

MeWe is WOMADE's official podcast sharing empowering stories to inspire ambitious women — follow us on Instagram

Marie-Amélie Ormières is an Holistic Coach & Therapist, and founder of MAO — follow her on Instagram

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