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Honor your ideal

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

This blog post is related to our podcast MeWe, saison 1, episode 2: Honor Your Ideal

In the1st MeWe episode we shared about the quest for our life purpose and the different approaches to touch what is alive within us.

The second episode is called Honor your ideal as we want to highlight the importance and the challenge it is to remain on our personal path. To avoid sliding, MAO shared with us two basic knowledge that are the core values and the vibration states for intentions settings.

What are core values?

Simply put, a value is what's important to you and something that you will consistently choose to prioritize in your life.

To accurately identify what really motivates you from the inside out, it is necessary to distinguish between your extrinsic values and intrinsic. Not all values are equal, especially when it is about leaning on it to overcome obstacles and create your most authentic life possible.

Extrinsic values come from outside you and are often led by others or by society in general. They can be described as a means to an end ... but are not necessarily sustainable, efficient or happy. Examples of extrinsic values include financial success, social popularity and physical attractiveness. The pursuit of extrinsic values is known to create excessive ego involvement and a social comparison.

Unlike external values, intrinsic values come from our innate tendency to grow. They are personally defined, are the source of our meaning and purpose and are part of our unique personality as individuals. Intrinsic values are freely chosen - that's what we calls for an “inside-out” orientation. Examples of intrinsic values include freedom, fairness, self-acceptance and creativity.

Core values as your vertebral column

Before picking values from a list, it’s already interesting to reflect on and respond to the following questions based on your current situation:

• What do I spend my time doing?

• What do I spend my money on?

• What do I talk about?

• What do I think about?

List all your elements and group them to get a top 3 to 6 words. Check out with your body, heart, breath when you contemplate them. How do you feel?

Question yourself whether you act, you communicate and think in coherence with these values in your everyday life. You can do some journaling to evaluate that over some weeks and check out if there is some difference between what you wish and what is happening.

You can design a code of honor of your values, with a list or a vision board with visuals to illustrate it. Have a look at MAO’s values on her website for some inspiration.

Quantum intentions and vibrational states of being

Another important piece of the puzzle for honoring your ideal is intentions setting and we would like to share the secret beyond the law of attraction that is well known to set up objectives. But an objective is a goal to be achieved whereas an intention is a direction toward a goal chosen in a conscious way with attention.

In quantum physics it is said that the future is created in the present. We are beings of energy and being aware of what you are activating in the present allows you to create your future. Intentions manifest our deepest aspirations and will activate synchronicities and the magic of everyday life with more fluidity. un-believable. Everything becomes possible.

Most often the problem is that we focus too much on the thing we want from a space of lack.

When you want something, ask yourself from what space inyou is this intention born? Is it from your head or your heart? The mind tends to search for solutions to achieve the result, to solve the problem. The problem is that the mind is limited, limited by your beliefs and conditionings.

The universe has endless possibilities to meet your intentions and wishes. So why limit yourself to the known? Why keep trying to figure out how things are, whereas it’s a question of asking what is most adaptable to your deeper nature, most compatible with your aspirations, and then letting go of the answer, the how to achieve it and let life do its job. Experiencing life vs controlling life. Opening up to the field of all possibilities from a state of silence, present moment, gratitude, and feeling the state of being that you are already experiencing (instead of the thing you want); for instance it could be feeling more harmony and easiness in your life, while your aspiration is to be in good health.

For a deeper reflection, values work and vibrational coaching, we invite you to visit MAO’s website where you will find on her welcome page a free ebook about alignment and her proposition to get to know your situation through a free 30 minutes discovery call.


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