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All about Clubhouse

Recently, Clubhouse — an invite-only, audio social media app — has gained viral levels of awareness. And at this point, you've probably heard about it. But do you really know how to use it ?

In this article we will (try) to explain how to use Clubhouse properly through 7 steps you can easily follow.

Here are some points to help you understand how best to use the clubhouse application :

1. Track down and accept an invite.

At this point, Clubhouse is still invite-only and only available for iPhone users. So you need to be invited by someone who already has an account. If you don't know anyone who can invite you, you can create an account and will be put on the waiting list at that time.

Luckily, because of its growing audience, you might have a friend or colleague who's already on it and willing to give you one of their invitations. Once you receive an invitation from someone, you will automatically receive a message, and then the fun can begin (Almost! — read the next steps before getting lost in the app)!

2. Pick topics of interest and follow users.

After giving some basic information during registration, you can also choose topics you're most interested in from a long list to help customize the content the app will suggest to you.

Then, Clubhouse will ask you to access your contacts and use your topic preferences to suggest both people you might know and influencers you might be interested in following.

If you don't want to select any topics or follow any people just yet, that's okay. You can do all of these things later.

3. Configure your profile

You will be able to finalize the configuration of your account by adding a photo of you, a description/bio ... You also have the possibility to associate your Clubhouse profile with your Twitter and Instagram accounts.

4. Scroll through the homepage to join a club, a room, or find people

Once you're all set up, start exploring. 🏠The first place to check out is Clubhouse’s homepage. While there isn't an icon for it, you can access it by clicking the back button in the upper left corner of any other page on the app.

Not interested in what your homepage is showing you? 🔎Tap the magnifying glass icon to see Clubhouse's Explore page.

From there, you can get suggestions of people to follow and click on certain topics to see ongoing rooms, people, or clubs related to them.

5. Start a Club

You want to start your own Club? For that you need to have organized three discussions or rooms to be able to ask the Clubhouse team to open a club. The team gives manual agreements as a user is allowed to only able to create 1, and only 1 club.

6. Acess/drop into a Room and invite friends

To access an audio chat room (simply called "room"), you can simply join by clicking on it.

As you enter the room, you will be automatically muted as a listener, but if you feel like talking just raise your hand and the moderators will give you the floor, or not, depending on the number of requests.

You can also invite friends to come and listen to what you are listening to by pressing the + button at the bottom of your screens.

To leave the room, simply press "✌️".

7. See upcoming Rooms

If you have seen a room that is going to talk about a subject you like but you don't have time to listen to it now, you can go to the calendar to see the future rooms that you would like to listen to and tick the little bell to get a notification when the meeting will start. You can even add it to your calendar as an event.

Now that you know more about Clubhouse, don't hesitate to come follow us and participate in our next Talk about women entrepreneurs in Brussels (more info to come) with 2 special guests😍.

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