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Your New Home Away From Home?

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

WOMADE is a Brussels-based coworking space and community club dedicated to female entrepreneurs & freelancers who want to be surrounded by like-minded ambitious women and thrive in an inspiring workplace.

WOMADE, as the name suggests it, is designed by women, and made having women needs in mind.





In September 2020, WOMADE opened its doors in the heart of Brussels as a brand new coworking and networking space for women.

It is designed to inspire female entrepreneurs to produce their best work in a comfortable, yet professional environment.

The idea was born in 2018, when the founder, Alba, grew tired of noisy, crowded coffee shops where the coffee receipts were too high and social interactions nearly non-existent.

Her idea? Create the space she wants to thrive in. WOMADE serves to be not only a safe and inspiring space for working women, but also a strong community of members who support one another on their entrepreneurial journeys.

What’s the space like?

An inspiring environment filled with natural light, where each detail and piece of furniture contributes to the relaxed and focused ambiance.

A podcast studio, meeting & conference rooms, networking, training and wellness events, good vibes and good wifi.

All this while surrounded by an urban jungle, seasonal fruits, delicious coffees & teas and a great selection of women and entrepreneur focused books.

At WOMADE we know that women with a female network are more successful, and that's precisely why we focus on creating connections between passionate women through our community and events.

Say goodbye to working alone and rent a desk now to access a tribe of women that inspire you to go big – and have a great time along the way!


A variety of memberships exist, ranging from once a month with access to the community network and a monthly event, to access with private coaching, to a Podcaster package that provides all the recording equipment necessary while being conveniently located in the coworking space!

You can also rent the space for a special shooting or your private event.


For more information on membership, services and more photos of the space, check out or reach out to

For weekly words of wisdom and other tidbits for entrepreneurs, search for WOMADE on social media @womadebrussels.


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