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Camille Bataillon,

Clinical Sexologist & Co-Founder of the Love Health Center

Passionate about intimacy coaching, sexology and well-being, Camille offers numerous services. In particular, she offers sex therapy consultations to accompany individuals on their path towards sexual fulfillment.

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Healthy Work

Sophie Boulanger,

Founder of OKUN

OKUN is a startup focused on a healthy work style. As Sophie puts it, it's more about "being well at work" than "well-being at work." OKUN offers services that support team cohesion and a balanced lifestyle.

Mediator & Podcaster

Charlotte Champagne,

Jurist, Mediator and Podcaster

Twenty-eight year old jurist, mediator and podcaster from Brussels. Passionate about conflict resolution, adventure and philosophy.

Film Director

Chloé De Bon,

Documentary Director of

"Flower of Life" & Founder of the Association FEMMESProd

Chloé is currently working on her first documentary "Flower of Life" that bring together resilience & sorority. It focuses on women (re)appropriating their rights over their bodies and stories following violence experienced in the medical field, particularly regarding contraception/gynecology. In Jan. 2019, she has created the association FEMMESProd which is producing the film.

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HR Advisor

Apolline De Coster,

Human Resources Management Advisor/Specialist

Passionate about well-being at work. Studying Holacracy and new forms of management.


Sarah Diedro

Communications Strategist & Anti-Discrimination Workshop Provider

Storyteller at heart, Sarah consults on Communications Strategy, Podcast production & Workshop creation. Big social justice advocate, she also advises on diversity, anti-bias and inclusion.

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& Product

Eva Dymkina,

Interior & Product Designer,

Founder of EDStudio

Eva wants you to rethink your space to help ease your mind. Her guiding lines for her designs are intelligence, simplicity and a taking a new look at everyday objects. “Every interior tells a unique story: we help you to create your own.”

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Erica Houtreille,

Social Media Manager, Content Creator & Consultant

Erica's guru services include: - Social Media Management - Digital Communication Consultancy - Instructor (Instagram & general review of digital comm.) - Social Media Content Creator - Artistic Direction (shootings, media, …)

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Interior &

Sarah Kalman,

Interior & Product Designer

Founder of Kalman Interiors

Sarah is a French interior designer who likes to create environments where people feel comfortable; public spaces where people feel at home, homes that make sense to the people who live in them.

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Charlotte Liénard,

Founder of NUDO

Charlotte is an Interior designer helping business owners to create unique and attractive places, perfectly aligned with their brand identity. 

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Katia Mahieu,

Communication Specialist &

Founder of Kat's Eyes

Kat's Eyes is a Communication Agency specialized in Brand Management, Promotion, Marketing, Events and Public Relations for art and entertainment projects.

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Hélène Nicodème,

Architect, Consultant & Illustrator

Architect and expert in Sustainable Development and Western Feng Shui, Hélène Nicodème designs architectural projects that respect the environment and its occupants. Conscious architecture, well-being, and human-space centered psychology are at the heart of her practice. She accompanies her clients, in a process of self-knowledge, to create a personalized architecture in their image.

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Public Speaker
& Free-lance

Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik,

Sustainability Expert & Founder of Trianon Scientific Communication

Trianon Scientific Communication is a management consulting agency specialised in corporate social responsibility (C.S.R.) & sustainable development. It focuses on helping SMEs of the chemical industry (chemicals, waste, energy) or producing consumer products (textile, food & beverage, cosmetics, etc.) to use environmental, social and economic sustainability to increase their profitability and their performance.

& Writer

Mary Peterson,

Business Strategist

& Freelance Writer

A creative and curious person, striving to improve businesses through strategy building. Having earned an MBA in the US, she completed her studies with a Masters in Cultural Management from ULB. Her vision is to facilitate cultural shifts encouraging inclusion and community building. A lifelong feminist.

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Aurélie Raigné,

Travel Blogger

After years in events & wedding planning, Aurélie has started her blog to share her tips and good deals for trips and "chill micro-adventures" that are cool & kids friendly.

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Nhu Truong,

Freelancer Web Developer

Why not make code Elegant & Simple? Nhu is the founder & creative mind behind Codalist, and she creates websites for you.

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Stéphanie Vandemoortele,

Efficiency Booster

Stéphanie helps entrepreneurs and SME's to save time with ad hoc Operational Missions (Administration, Marketing, Accountability, Project Boosting ), so they can focus on development and growth of their business.

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Marketer &

Tabata Vossen,

Product Marketing

& E-Learning Specialist

On the surface, Tabata is a writer with 4 years of experience in tech. She's currently working at Qualifio. More seriously, she enjoys brushing up her skills over coffee, finding beauty in the everyday, and dogs. Oh, and she makes a mean tiramisu.

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