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What does WOMADE do to be sustainable ?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

As you know, we are in a period of evolution and change. More and more people are paying attention to what they eat, what they buy, what they can do for the environment...

All these changes are answers to a problem, that of becoming more ecologically responsible and therefore more sustainable for the environment.

So we had the idea to write about what WOMADE actually does as a company to be as sustainable as possible.

Here is a non exhaustive list of what WOMADE does to decrease its ecological impact:

  1. We don't use capsules to make coffee. Womade provides a filter coffee machine (that doesn't need the paper filter!) and an Italian coffee machine that uses only coffee powder.

  2. We have installed in our meeting room an interactive screen to avoid the use of paper boards.

  3. We have decided to put some extra lights that can be turned on with a remote controller and which allows to turn off everything at the same time and to not forget any light on.

  4. Our members are sensitive to the cause and reuse the paper bags they receive when ordering food so that the next time they go directly with the first bag received and do not receive another one

  5. We are located on the third floor of a building and has a lot of windows facing the sun, which means that less light is turned on in the summer and less energy is consumed;

  6. We have several dustbins to be able to sort correctly and thus to respect the ecology.

As you can see, WOMADE puts a lot of little things in place to pay a maximum attention to sustainable development. Of course, there are still many other tips that we could put in place and this is what WOMADE will continue to do.


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