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Book Club

Reading a book is nice, being able to share with other readers is better!


Welcome to the Book Club of the We Rise Community:


  • A feminist book club

  • A selection of books by women authors

  • A quarterly meeting at Womade

  • An exclusive Slack channel


Let's share our love of reading and promote the work of women writers.


Ready to join us? 

Image by Amanda Vick

How it works

How do I join?

To join the Book Club, you must be a member of the We Rise Community.

Then fill out the registration form, and you will receive an email from us to confirm your registration!


How often do we meet?

Once every three months (during the week and at the end of the day), let's meet at WOMADE to exchange our feelings after reading a feminist book and/or a book written by a woman.


Where to buy your book?

The books selected by the Book Club will be available at Tulitu, a feminist and committed bookstore located a few steps from WOMADE.

The title of the book to be read will be announced at least one month before the next meeting.

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The bookworm behind it

When Alba told me about her desire to create a book club, my heart went boom.


Stars in my eyes and red cheeks of excitement, it's a project I've always had in the back of my mind.

And when she told me she needed help to organize it, you can imagine my reaction.


I'm Carla, copywriter and founder of C-Comm. Some people need their daily coffee fix, I need my daily reading fix!


I'm excited to be the one to host our quarterly meetups, our Slack channel and to (finally!) find people to share my reading with.


My reading pet peeve: true stories and good drama.

Rise and Shine Breakfast
Rejoignez-nous pour démarrer la semaine avec un mix de motivation, de planification, de partage et de soutien & bien sûr avec un petit-déjeuner délicieux et sain ! Vous repartirez de ce breakfast remplie d'énergie, avec un plan d'action clair pour la semaine à venir.
Mar 27, 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM
we rise bookclub

Join our Community

Our community is full of talented entrepreneurs. Their businesses push past traditional roles and we want to give them a place to shine. 


Take a minute to discover our tribe of kicka** women and their businesses.

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